Spanish courses in a family setting

Discover the world and learn Spanish in a family!


Advantages of studying in a family in Ábaco:

  • Sometimes it’s the only way that parents can improve their level of Spanish
  • The children enjoy a unique experience with their parents while learning a language that will serve them for life.
  • Parents can enjoy some time for themselves while their kids enjoy some time without their parents !!
  • Ábaco has extensive experience in programs for families and have always been a success.
  • Of course you can bring grandparents who in addition to learning Spanish , can also serve as a babysitter!!

Ábaco offers the perfect choice for a family vacation while improving your level of Spanish.

In Abaco, each family member can choose the course of their choice, all members will share a schedule and school but each will receive a course tailored to their needs. The family will share the extra-curricular activities offered by the centre with the rest of the students.

Children under 12 receive individual lessons with teachers and adequate materials but adolescents aged 13 and up may join the classes corresponding to their level.

Ábaco can also help you find the most comfortable accommodation for all the family.

Adults can choose from several language courses:

  • Intensive 20 hour course
  • Super intensive 25 hour course (consult the centre for times and availability)
  • Exam preparation course (DELE)