the frog of salamanca

The mystery of the frog of Salamanca

Salamanca is a city where we have plenty of options to study, in fact, the university is one of the leaders when searching high quality education and training. In addition, the building raises a great deal of interest among tourists thanks to a figure of a very small frog that is present on the facade. The search of the frog is an authentic tradition (it says that whoever finds it will have good luck thereafter).

We will tell you the origin of this myth and all that you can learn in Salamanca if you are a foreigner living in this city or want a holiday here and take advantage of most of your time to learn Spanish.

Origin of the tradition

“Have you found the frog?”. The question is mandatory for anyone who claims to have walked through the historic center of Salamanca. The myth about the frog at the University of Salamanca, a street called Bookshelves, has transcended borders and has become a mystery for visitors, who can spend ages searching every detail of the facade until locating the animal. It is enough for someone to point with their index finger in one direction so that all eyes are directed towards the same point … but it’s always better to focus your search by following your own intuition.

If you do not want to receive any hints, be aware and stop reading! Although we’re sure you’ve heard of the famous skull which the frog sits on, in fact, in all the tourist gift shops of the city you will find figures and images that are related to both. The truth is that the tradition dates back to the time of the Inquisition (XV century) and its meaning, after many studies over the years, has seen the light.

The skull and the frog together has a mocking tone toward the inquisitorial process. The skull represents one of the dead children of the Catholic Monarchs, Isabel and Fernando, while the batracio refers to the impossibility of the resurrection, something that can only happen “when frogs have hair”, ie … never.

However, the number of assumptions about this frog is infinite and maybe you have your own. If so, we want to hear from you! During your stay in Salamanca to gather information, make a wish in front of the facade of the University and look at each element of the composition, as you will find authentic carved plateresque wonders, thanks to the excuse of searching the frog!

A student life full of curiosities

Anyway, if you are a person who likes history, culture and heritage and will study in Salamanca, you should not hesitate to visit all its iconic buildings and investigate their origin. You enjoy and learn Spanish in equal parts on your travels around the city, as they also allow you to interact with others, practice the language and make new friends.

In Abaco Hispanic Institute we will help if you need any practical information to not miss anything and we will also inform you about our training offer, with professionals at your service and dynamics classes that will suit your lifestyle and needs.

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