Get info to obtain your VISA

Citizens of other countries outside the European Union need a visa to enter Spain. Students should learn about the requirements for a VISA at the Spanish embassy or nearest consulate.

Due to the overwhelming demand for student visas, it is important to apply with enough time in order for the Consulate to process it. In especially busy days at the Consulate, it is sometimes impossible to meet all applicants, so it is best to arrive early. Find the Consulates of Spain in your country

The certificates that accredit and confirm the registration in a Spanish program in the Hispanic Institute (Instituto Hispánico) can only be signed, sealed and sent by people authorized by Ábaco, which will not be held responsible for denied visas due to the fact that these documents do not have any official power and merely serve as confirmation of a course in one of our centres

These documents will only be sent to cover the amount of course time initially contracted by the student. Ábaco will send, free of charge (by e-mail or fax) and to any student who requests the following documents (only if the total cost of the deposit has been paid):

  • Confirmation of the Spanish program chosen by the student
  • The bill total cost of the program in question (course + accommodation)

In the event that the student should urgently need the originals of any of these documents, the Hispanic Institute will send them and charge the shipping to the student.

If your visa is denied, the Institute will refund the total amount you have paid, but will keep 150 € in respect of management fees and transfer.


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